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Interested in reaching an audience of heavy spending, enthusiastic tuners who are crazy about new products, styling parts and services?

An exciting online tuning magazine with a fresh voice, is populist and technique-driven, with professionally produced content and immense loyalty among its rapidly growing readership. Our reach considerably surpasses equivalent print media and at much lower rates.

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2013 web ad rates & terms

  • We like to keep things simple. Our advertising is sold by the month at fixed rates*
  • We don’t rotate ads or sell one spot to multiple advertisers. What’s yours is yours.
  • Minimum length of booking: 1 calendar month
  • 15% discount for bookings of 3 or more months (20% for 6 months, 25% for 9 months, 30% for 12 months, when paid for in advance)

Prices of individual adverts:

Page branding (including landing page): €349/month
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Mid-page (468×60): €99/month (max. 2)
Bottom of articles (300×250): €79/month
Right-hand side ad panel (350×300): €79/month

We’re committed to working with you to ensure your ads and products are a success on our site. We are as enthusiastic about good products, accessories and services as you are!

How to book your ad

Please email our publisher, Daniel Klose, with your request. Subject to availability, your ad could be live by this time tomorrow!

Payment is via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer in advance, and invoicing is online. Please read our ad creative guidelines before submission. All adverts are subject to approval.